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Crib Safety - What You Need to Know

If you are a parent, you will do everything you can to protect your baby. One of the places where your baby spends a lot of time is in his cradle.

You may think that your toddler is protected when you sleep, but think again. You need to know some things about the safety of cribs to protect your child.

If the cradle is older, have it changed to meet updated safety standards or get a new one.

Your parents think it would be a good idea for their baby to use the cradle in which they raised you. Family heirlooms are nice, but they are less pleasant for cradle safety. Some cradles may contain some harmful components that have since been removed in current models.

For example, it would not be unusual for an old wooden bed to be painted with a lead-based paint, breaking because of its age, or the space between the slats is too wide. This should sound the danger signal.

When you shop, whether it's a second-hand shop or a garage sale, you come across a cute used crib. Just like a used car, have it checked. Make sure you know what needs to be done to meet the current crib safety standards. If it's not worth your time and effort, do not buy it. You will be better with a new one.

Avoid soft, fluffy sheets.

When you fall asleep, place it on its back, do not cover it with blankets, or use pillows to protect it. The baby's mattress should be firm and covered with a soft, clean sheet, but the room itself should be warm enough so that blankets and other accessories are not needed.Visit this guide to get best reviews on how to choose best baby crib.

The mobiles must be above your baby's head, where they can not be reached.

Mobiles are a good distraction and learning tool for very young babies who are not yet able to sit, stretch, stand or grab. However, once your child is able to do these things, make sure that the cell phones are out of reach of your child so that he can not grab them and shoot them down.

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