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4 Classic Action Movies That You Have To See At Least Once

Hundreds of brilliant films come out worldwide each year. We simply do not have time to watch each and every one of them. From the best indie films to Hollywood box office blockbusters, the best films maintain their greatness even after generations of new viewers come of age. Classic films maintain their awe-inspiring spirit by touching on universal characteristics of human experience. Even if you aren't that philosophical, you can't argue against the fact that seeing a great action film is one of life's greatest experiences. Here are five classic activity movies that you have to see at least once.

1 . Die Hard

Now a Christmas cult favorite, Die Hard starring Bruce Willis was a work of action art. Known for its mix of brutality and humor as well as a brilliantly acted protagonist and antagonist, Die Difficult has everything an action film should be. An off duty police officer is left to save his estranged wife when the high rise building hosting a company party they are attending is viciously attacked through terrorists. You can imagine what happens next, you can watch series online here

2 . Terminator 2

A sequel to the very successful Terminator movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger revises his role as a Terminator, only this time their model is the hero sent to save the world against a new T-1000 model that can shape shift and was sent back from the future to kill the leader of the resistance from the machines.

3. The Matrix

What if all of life was an illusion, a dream fed into your conscious mind simply by machines that were using your body as batteries? This is the concept explored in The Matrix by the Wachowski brothers. This motion picture raises more questions than it answers and has led to many philosophical conversations regarding the essence associated with objective reality.

4. The Bourne Ultimatum

In a time where humans are psychologically manipulated into subservient killers, one such soldier escapes capture as well as leads to a manhunt regarding maximum proportions.

National security is at risk with Jason Bourne-a super soldier- running loose. But what if the real danger may be the government which created him in the first place? You will have to find out.

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